Weekly Progress: 7/8 – 13/8

After last weeks 64.8 miles total (46 miles for August), I regressed to a 50.5 mile week this week. Although it may seem worse, I still surpassed my weekly target of 50 miles and also had my hilliest cycle to date of 1,575 ft / 480 m. So overall it was still a good week.

However, this week could have been vastly improved with a further cycle, but due to poor weather conditions (rain) I didn’t cycle for the first half of the week so instead cycled 50.5 miles over four days. All weather training is something I need to start forcing myself to do since, unfortunately, it can’t be dry and sunny all the time. This is England after all…

That said there are still positives to take from this week. Apart from the aforementioned hilliest cycle to date, I also completed my second cycle over 20 miles with Sunday’s ride totalling 23.1 miles and I’ve increased by average speed from 11 mph to 12 mph, which is a considerable difference for one weeks work.

Next week I’m aiming for my first 30 mile cycle. I really need to start upping the mileage ready for my 100 mile cycle in October for Macmillan Cancer Support…




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