Weekly Progress: 4/9 – 10/9

I spent more time in the kitchen this week than on the bike! In terms of cycling, this week was my second worse week to date with only one outing and only 13 miles cycled. Not a particularly good start to September! However, the weather hasn’t been great this week and I’ve had other things to take care of so I have my excuses.

The featured photo for this post is chocolate orange shortbread that I made following Jamie Oliver’s recipe. This week I’ve gotten into cooking a bit more and I’ve tried cooking and baking different things. On Saturday evening I held a taster session for a small number of cooked dishes and baked goods. Other treats included rocky road and a family recipe called “Chocolate Crackle”, which can be seen below.

Next week I’ll be spending more time on the bike ahead of my 66.6 mile cycle that I need to complete before the end of the month.

If you’d like to see more of the images that I share, I upload regularly to Instagram. To follow me search @doran_el_explorer or click the Instagram link to the right of this post.

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