Couch To 5k

Having started cycling and seeing the benefits to my overall well being, I’m now going to start running. I’ve never been a keen runner and I usually avoid it completely, however, I’ve been challenged to build up to a 5k run and I intend to do so.

Even though 5k doesn’t seem like much it’s about 30 minutes of running at a gentle pace, which means for someone like me, with little-to-no running experience, it’s not going to be easy. Although I have some level of general fitness from cycling, running utilises the muscles in different ways and requires greater oxygen uptake. Simply put, my cycling hasn’t given me any real advantage and I will need to train.

My training will be based around the Couch-To-5k training plan which takes 9 weeks to complete. The plan starts you off easy with increasingly difficult interval training for the first few weeks, before you start increasingly longer runs up to 5k. This training plan can easily be found online, or you can download the Couch-To-5k app (which is what I shall be using).

The goal is to be running the 5k Boxing Day Fun Run. Wish me luck!

These blog posts will be similar to the weekly progress reports I was writing for cycling back when I was building up to the 100 mile cycle.

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