Dublin Marathon

Firstly, Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year brings great things for you all and provides you with countless opportunities for adventure! I’ve made a short list of things that I will be doing/want to do this year and will discuss these in a future post.

Secondly, last night, while under the influence, me, my dad and my sister’s boyfriend entered into the Dublin Marathon! A decision aided by alcohol, misguided confidence from finishing the Couch To 5k and safety in numbers. Although the idea of physical challenge has always been of interest to me, I’ve just been too lazy to chase it. But now with the decision made and our entries confirmed, there is no running away (pun intended).

In terms of how this will work out, we are all currently at differing levels of fitness. My dad completed the Dublin Marathon about 6 years ago as part of some form of mid-life crisis and has continued to run from that point onwards, then there is me, a Couch To 5k graduate who can just about manage “running” 5km in one sitting and finally Adam, who has no formal “training” but plays football weekly. Ideally we all need to be at a similar level so we can start training together, but that can be dealt with later.

Additionally I’d like to use the marathon as a platform to raise money for charity, but for which charity and whether or not the others would be interested in doing so is yet to be decided. As such, this will be announced at a later stage closer to the time, but I’m almost certain that even if the others aren’t interested, I will be fundraising.

For now though, I’m off to Aberystwyth (again) for a month long graduate internship at the university as a PHP Applications Developer. This means that I’ll have to motivate myself to go out and run a 5k at least once a week, something new to me as I normally rely on others to drag me out running!

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